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NC State Extension

Latino Programs

Latino Programs provide leadership for Extension’s initiatives to build organizational capacity to engage effectively with Latino and other diverse audiences. This program partners with N.C. Cooperative Extension, NC State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and/or University colleagues to contribute, co-submit and/or co-PI awarded grant and gift funds to support Latino and new audiences programming.

The growth of the Latino* community in the state and the nation is a well-known fact. As of January 2021, Latinos represent 9.6 % of the total population in North Carolina. Click here for updated data by state and county from the US Census Bureau. According to the data from  Carolina Demography at UNC-Chapel Hill, between 2010 and 2018,

North Carolina’s Latino population increased by 24.6% while compared the growth of this population at the national level was 18.6%. Click here to read the complete North Carolina’s Hispanic Community: 2019 Snapshot.

Recognizing the growth of the Latinx community in the state and the commitment of N.C. Cooperative Extension to serve all North Carolinians, the Community and Rural Development endeavors to focus on building organizational capacity to effectively engage with Latino audiences and to develop, adapt, and/or revise educational materials and resources that meet the needs of Latinos. State and grant funding has supported these efforts. Building partnerships with internal and external partners is also a keystone of these efforts.

* The term Latino/a, Hispanic, or Latinx are used/shown interchangeably on this portal to refer to a person of Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Central or South American culture or origin. Click here and here to learn more about the terms Latino/a, Hispanic, or Latinx.

Extension Latino Program and Resources:

Together for a Better Education Program ‘Juntos’

The mission of the program is to empower Latino 8th -12th-grade students and their parents to gain the knowledge, skills, and resources to promote high school graduation and make going to college possible. Juntos started in 2007 at NC State Extension. In 2019 Juntos moved to the Division of Academic and Student Affairs at NC State. This move includes a continued partnership with NC State Extension.

Click here to learn more about Juntos

Extension Farmworker Health and Safety Program 

The program provides educational opportunities to promote preventive behaviors among farmworkers, farmworkers’ employers, and their families to improve agriculture workforce health and safety. The program components are: 

  • Health and Safety Training for Farmworkers (On-farm/Community)
  • Farm Labor Contractors Workshop
  • Community Educational Events
  • Farmworker Community Partners Coalition
  • Extension Cross Programing

Click here to learn more about Extension Farmworker Health and Safety Program (COMING SOON)