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NC State Extension

Links to Resources and Partners

CRD staff at NC State Extension has a number of trusted partners in the state, region, and country. We collaborate on economic development programming and support each other’s efforts to create prosperity throughout our state and region. Click below to view recent indicators of the positive work CRD and our partners are doing across the Southern Region. This work includes Extension’s Covid response in the South.

Some of our frequent partners include:

North Carolina A&T State University Cooperative Extension

North Carolina Agromedicine Institute

Southern Rural Development Center

National Urban Extension Leaders

National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP) 

North Carolina Department of Commerce

North Carolina Rural Center

North Carolina Association of Regional Councils of Government

Below you will  find links to other NCSU colleges and programs that offer resources for community and economic development. Please visit their website pages to learn what other opportunities are available and then talk with your Extension Agent.