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NC State Extension

Infrastructure Development

Public infrastructure is a critical part of community development. Without adequate infrastructure such as water, sewer, electric, roads, and communications, businesses and families will choose to live elsewhere.

Here are some examples and resources for North Carolina communities:

Water, Green Infrastructure, and Low Impact Development

Stormwater Retention: The NC State Stormwater Engineering Group has information on wetlands, ponds, stormwater control measure (SCM) maintenance, and permeable pavements.

Water Resources and Management Systems: The Department of Biological and Agriculture Engineering has Extension resources on water resources and management systems. Attend a workshop or conference to learn more.

Low Impact Development: A Guidebook for North Carolina: This Guidebook provides an introduction to the principles of Low Impact Development.


NC Department of Environmental Quality: This department has information and guidance on how to develop infrastructure with lower environmental impacts.


Farmers Markets: There are many farmers markets scattered across North Carolina. These markets offer consumers opportunities to build relationships with local farmers and buy local food to support the local economy.

Community Gardens: Community gardens provide food and opportunities to learn about how food is grown.