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NC AgVentures Grant Program

Grant Opportunities for Family Farms

NC AgVentures, a North Carolina Cooperative Extension Program Application Deadline January 6, 2016 Download Applications: www.ncagventures.org NC AgVentures provides grants to NC farmers for new and innovative agricultural project ideas that will increase MORE »

Conserving Working Lands

A land legacy handbook with tools and resources to guide your conservation planning journey.   Conserving Working Lands MORE »

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At the Intersection of Arts and Agriculture

By Becky L. Bowen, J.D., Program Manager, CultivateNC  I had the good fortune this month to attend the Cross-Currents:  Art + Agriculture Powering Rural Economies conference sponsored by Art Force and the National MORE »

Integrating New Audiences

The demographics of North Carolina have changed significantly during the last two decades. Although the general public may believe this change is a result of the influx of immigrants moving to the state, MORE »

What is Dynamic Governance?

I attended a workshop on Dynamic Governance recently. While the concepts were not entirely unfamiliar to me, it wasn’t until I used them at a recent group facilitation that I noticed how big MORE »

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