Share Your Extension Broadband Story

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I want to hear your story!! One of my jobs as my dad’s helper on the family farm was holding the flashlight when he was working our old farm equipment like the 530 John Deere or the 1961 Chevrolet Dump truck. He needed me to hold the flashlight to help him find the wrench he dropped or where the part fit for the needed repairs. Flashlight Holder was perfect training for my role as the Broadband Access and Education Coordinator. I will shine the light on opportunities where broadband access, adoption, or utilization could complement or enhance Extension programming or service. N.C. Cooperative Extension is breaking new ground with this endeavor and I need your help to make it successful. I have created a Broadband Resources page in the Community Development Portal but I know there are other resources that I am not aware of. Please share with me resources you are using that I can highlight for others. I will also be publishing a newsletter with stories of broadband work and best practices. Here is a link to a Google Form where you can share your interest and story of how you are already incorporating broadband work in your programming.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing how we can together increase opportunities in education, productivity, wellness, and commerce through broadband access, adoption, and utilization.

Please contact Kenny Sherin if you have questions or would like to share ideas.

Wi Fi Signal illustration